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July 29, 2021 / By: Karibu / Teme: dirty chai, espresso chai, iced dirty chai

Dirty chai or how to combine indian black tea and spices with espresso shot?

Have you ever heard for the term “dirty chai”? Searching for different chai latte recipes, accidently we found out this phrase. Dirty chai is a combination of black tea, a mixture of spices, milk and espresso. In fact, it is ideal for those who do not prefer the pure taste of coffee, but drink it in company and only with a lot of milk inside.

Dirty chai will provide you with an increased dose of caffeine because both black tea and coffee contain caffeine. For all of you who need something to wake you up, and yet in a sweet variant. For summer months, iced version of dirty chai is better solution!

Below is a simple recipe for iced dirty chai; prepare it at home, at vacation or in the office.


A mix of black tea and spices;
• Milk (if you want a vegan version, then use almond, soy or oat milk);
Espresso (of course, feel free to use some other form of coffee in case you do not have an espresso machine);
• Ice cubes.


• Pour a glass of instant mix of black tea and spices into a glass and pour a little dose of hot water to dissolve the mixture.
• Fill the glass with ice cubes.
• Over the ice, pour a cup of espresso shot (or coffee prepared in some other way)
• If you can, heat the milk and make a foam. Pour the milk over the espresso.
• Garnish with spices as desired (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves).
• Enjoy!

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