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August 07, 2020 / By: Karibu / Teme: trešnjevka, tratinska street, coffee

Trešnjevka, Tratinska street and coffee

We met Saša and Vanja 3 years ago and they are the founders of the initiative Trešnjevka Mapping. We've been drinking coffee together and supporting each others projects for long time now. Our common topics and the fields where we participate together are the neighbourhood of Trešnjevka, culture, art and coffee.

A new project they started in August is called "Tratinksa street wakes up" (the main event will take place on September 26, more info about the project). We decided to participate in this project as we have deep connection with Tratinska street.

In case you still don't know, our coffee shop is located at Ozaljska 34, and the headquarter (our office) of our company is at Tratinska 27. This main street of Trešnjevka and really long one used to be called Končareva (nowdays called Tratinska and Ozaljska streets) is intertwined with our business, daily walking and listening to the trams in this urban area.

With this story and the photos (by: Trešnjevka Mapping) we officially announce the project "Tratinska street wakes up". The perspective of the street on these photos is beautiful, you can see the Sljeme mountain, trams and people walking around. However, if you walk along Tratinska street every day, you do not see its beauty and vividness. It used to be the street of craftsmen and shops and today is a bit neglected withouth small businesses.

In order to change the perspective and spirit of the street, please support the project of Trešnjevka Mapping "Tratinska street wakes up" and send them an inquiry / mail / your stories from this street.

Tratinska street begins at the Cibona tower and ends at the Trešnjevaka market. Just a step or two from the market you'll run to our coffee shop Karibu Kaaawa, Ozaljska 34. We, in collaboration with Trešnjevka Mapping, will also tell the stories about Ozaljska, where you often drink and enjoy the smell our coffee.

Enjoy the photos and see you in Karibu Kaaawa.

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Trešnjevka, Tratinska street and coffee

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