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Complaints and refunds

Arabica Gang, joint craft for trade, owners Antonela Bokan i Igor Ikač (hereinafter " Arabica Gang " or “We“) is to each customer (hereinafter " Customer ") liable to deliver a correct product with appropriate expiration date, packed in original packaging and which corresponds to the type and description of the product listed on our link: https://www.karibukaaawa.com/shop.
However, we draw your attention that image illustrating the product on our website does not have to fully correspond to the actual appearance of the product and this cannot be justifiable reason for complaint. The same approach applies to coffee flavors described on our site by various coffee roasters. The above descriptions of coffee are subjective and do not have to correspond to your subjective experience when tasting coffee (any potential difference between taste description of a particular coffee on our site and your personal experience cannot be ground for complaint and product refund).

Our products are packed properly to be protected from damages caused by expected handling in transport/delivery.

When taking product over from delivery carrier (hereinafter "MBE" or "Delivery carrier"), Customer has an obligation to check the correctness of product. In case the product is damaged in transit, please inform Delivery carrier. If external damage is visible on delivered goods, Customer has right to refuse to take over the ordered goods. Customer has an obligation to compare delivered products (type and quantity of delivered products) with the invoice and, if something is missing or wrong product is delivered, Customer has to immidiately inform Delivery carrier. Customer and Delivery carrier should on the spot determine defects and confirm it with their signatures. Checking the correctness of shipment is a responsibility of Customer, and any subsequent complaints in terms of quantity and type of delivered goods or visible defects will not be accepted. Upon receipt of Subscription product, type of received coffee cannot be basis for complaint since the product selection is on Arabica Gang only and Customer has agreed with such approach at ordering.

Please return the incorrectly delivered or damaged product to Delivery carrier, and Arabica Gang will, as soon as possible, at its own expense, deliver items that are found to be missing in shipment or delivered in a defective condition, or will grant a refund to Customer , depends on Customer will.

Customer has a right to return product in case it has a material or qualitative defect that could not be noticed when taking it over. In this situation please file an objection to us within the period prescribed by the Consumer Protection Act in order to arrange replacement of product or refund. Customer may send objection to e-mail info@karibukaaawa.com or in writing to address: Arabica Gang, joint craft for trade, owners Antonela Bokan i Igor Ikač, Zdrače 39, 22244 Betina with the indication Complaint. The complaint has to contain name and surname, number of the order and invoice.

Arabica Gang will organize and bear returning cost of damaged, defective or incorrectly delivered product if submitted complaint finds to be justified or if Customer has not affected the correctness, damage or any defect of the product. In this cases, we will replace product or refund the full amount paid within 15 days of receiving a justified complaint. If, on the other hand, it is established that the complaint is not justified, ie. if based on available information, Arabica Gang rejects the complaint, it will notify Customer within 15 days from the date of complaint receipt.

As a rule, the complaint will be considered justified and Customer may exercise right to return the product in the following cases:

Customer may replace a correct and unused product that does not suit him/her within 5 days following the date of product receipt. In that case, please let us know at info@karibukaaawa.com to arrange replacement of such product or a refund. Upon receipt of returned product in original packaging, Arabica Gang will organize a delivery of replacement product available at a given time. For any price differences, customer will be charged or credited, depending on specific situation.

In case Customer has in any way impaired product value, which is the result of customer handling of product, Arabica Gang will not be obliged to return the funds received for that product (e.g. coffee is ground, the Customer did not store the product in recommended conditions for the product, etc. ).

Product data

While we will take care to ensure that product information on our website is accurate, sometimes the composition, amount of ingredients, as well as the nutritional value and allergens of the product may change. Therefore, be sure to read the product declaration before product consumption. Do not rely solely on the information published on our website. In case of any errors or discrepancies between the information published on our website and the product declaration, information on the product declaration will prevail.

If you have questions or need advice on how to prepare individual products, please contact us via e-mail address info@karibukaaawa.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Although product information is regularly updated, Arabica Gang will not be liable in case of incorrect information. We will correct them as quick as possible.

Online dispute resolution

According to the EU legislation, more precisely in accordance with the Regulation on online resolution of consumer disputes 2006/2004 and Directive 2009/22 / EC and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Directive 2013/11 / EU, all EU disputes related to online shopping can be resolved through the platform below :

That says that you can complain about any problem related to online shopping within the EU (defective product, inability to replace the product, etc.) using link above.