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Coffee subscription

You don't want to start a day without a cup of specialty coffee!? You want to have sufficient quantities of delicious and fresh coffee!? If you are willing to taste new coffee each month, roasted by different passionate expert, this is definitely the right place for you.

You choose a time period of subcription (1 month - recurring option; 3 months; or 12 months) and we deliver a box of coffee (250grams or more) to your door every month.

Our coffee box will be your monthly surprise that will refresh you day. Are you ready to join and subscribe to our aromatic platform?

How it works?


Choose a time period!

Choose a subscribtion - 1 month - recurring option; 3 months; or 12 months.


Make a payment.

Payments can be made by card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), Revolut app or through internet banking.


Delivery to your door.

Knock, knock. A coffee box is in front of your doors in the beginning of each month.

Every green coffee bean comes from an exotic country and hard work of a farmer lies behind it. The final touch of a roasted bean comes from a hard-working and passionate roaster who gets his head deeply into the graphics and chemical processes in his own laboratory, i.e. roastery.

We've been cooperating with several European roasteries. Our goal is to increase and expand cooperation beyond the borders of Europe. For the time being we've been cooperating with the roasteries from Croatia, Germany, Belgium, Hungary and Romania.


Subscribe to our coffee

Enjoy your day
Monthly subscription

You cannot imagine a morning without a coffee? You are enjoying in coffee tasting? Hanging with your friends is impossible without a cup of coffee? Subscribe to our fresh coffee (in beans or ground) that will at your door (home or office) each month.

*recurring monthly payments until subscription is canceled (for more details)

How much coffee you drink a day?

I drink 1 cup
a day

240 KN/MJ

250g /mnth

I drink 1–2 cups
a day

400 KN/MJ

500g /mnth

I drink 2–3 cups
a day

620 KN/MJ

750g /mnth

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