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Are you passionate about coffee? Do you want to serve our coffee in your workplace? Do you want to prepare the best cup of coffee to your clients and guests? Great! We are here to help you. We can, even, give you an advice for buying particular coffee machines for your office/hotel/café/restaurant, so that specialty coffee become a part of your daily routine.

Our coffee packages:

Do you need a gift for your business partner? Would you like to surprise him/her with a fresh and tasty beverage? We advise you to buy a 250 grams package of top-quality arabica. Every package has its own story, we know where the coffee is grown and processed, as well as the name of the roaster.

Every green coffee bean comes from an exotic country and hard work of a farmer lies behind it. The final touch of a roasted bean comes from a hard-working and passionate roaster who gets his head deeply into the graphics and chemical processes in his own laboratory, i.e. roastery. To bring you closer to these geographic relations, complexity of coffee, both in beans and beverage, we can create additional gifts for you (such as: handcrafts or gift cards). Look for more under the section - surprise box

For more information on current offer, packaging and prices, please contact us: